The Spirit of Machu Picchu and Antarctica travel​

The Spirit of Machu Picchu and Antarctica travel

Country of legends Peru is an extraordinary destination, both for its highly cultural side and for the incredible diversity of its landscapes. Between the sandy and desert coast, the peaks of the Cordillera Blanca with all its possibilities of walking, the arid steppes of the Altiplano populated with flames and vicuñas and the “green hell” of the Amazon rainforest, Peru continues to make us dream.

For lovers of history and nature, this trip is a beautiful itinerary in the heart of the land of the Incas. You will explore the Sacred Valley and Cuzco, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, its very authentic Indian villages and markets and the mysterious archaeological site of Machu Picchu, where, according to Pablo Neruda, “the heart of Latin America”. You will discover the mythical Lake Titicaca, cradle of Aymara culture.

In terms of flavors, couple of Latin American countries can boast such varied and delicious food. On the shore, you will taste the different fish of the Pacific and especially the ceviche, sea fish served raw, cut into items, macerated in lemon juice and also accompanied by raw onion and also wonderful potatoes. In the heart of mountains, you will enjoy recipes made with potatoes such as laperch. You can also attempt the well-known “cuy” (barbequed guinea pig) … if your heart informs you!

According to your wishes, other jewels will complete these “essential elements”: the enchanting Arequipa, the Colca Canyon and its condors, the sublime Mountain with the seven colors, the mysterious “Nazca civilization”, the Amazon on earth or in the water, the northern part of the least populated country that contains some treasures: the city of Trujillo of eternal spring, the exceptional site of Chan Chan, Chiclayo … For a more complete approach to the Andean world, complete this journey with a discovery of Bolivia This fascinating country offers stunning landscapes of beauty.


It is not uncommon to be discovered throughout the Inca Trail stroll.

Take you for the walk.
The poles are highly advised due to the fact that the Inca Trail has numerous stone steps to come down, which are difficult for the knees.
Other functional products consist of a first aid kit, sun block, camping shoes, a padded coat for cold nights, a rain jacket, a hat as well as warm gloves, a sunlight hat, a footwear grooming bag comfortable strolling, warm strolling socks, Thermolactyl underclothing, thick and soft towel, water bottle or hydration set, mosquito repellent, long pants and sunglasses. Make certain your bag is not also hefty as well as examine the lots on your cam; you won’t be able to carry it when traveling.
Bring cash (soles) for tips. 100 S prepare for a goalkeeper and also 200 S for the cook.

Machu Picchu Alternative Routes

G adventures ( presents more information regarding  this Machu Picchu excursions. Their tour package is so good, you’ll barely need anything extra – except, perhaps, your history book. In Australia, book tour group directly on their website or make a phone call.


Best of South America Routes

Inspiring Vacations ( presents most popular & best Tours to South America. From Machu Picchu, down Iguazu Falls, and across the Amazon Jungle! South America tours invites you to trek through the best of Patagonia, wake up to Colombian Coffee in the morning, discover rich history and culture in Rio de Janeiro, and relax on incredible beaches.


Otherwise, Let’s break down the cost if we DIY tour or choose alternatives

Inca Trail in 2 days.
This short variation (10 kilometres) of the Inca Trail offers a great summary of the longest course. Really physical, crosssome of one of the most stunning landscapes and the majority of the most excellent ruins as well as terraces of the Camino.
We suggest that you take the first train from Cuzco to Km. 104. From here, 3-4 hrs of high climb cause Wiñay Wayna, then 2 hours of relatively level surface to Machu Picchu. You can comply with the course 2 or 3 even more hrs to appreciate the view and also the sights.
During this walking, you will invest the night in Aguas Calientes and will not really see Machu Picchu until the following day. There’s only one genuine day of walking. It trusts average 400 to 535 US$.

Trekking from the Lares Valley
It is not a details course, yet a walk on different paths to Ollantaytambo via the stunning Lares Valley. From the warm springs, the stroll goes through Andean towns, less recognized Incanse historical sites, lavish shallows and river chasms. At the end, take a train from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes. Much more cultural than technical, this hike uses amazing mountain landscapes; the elevation of its highest pass (4,450 m) ought to not be refused. Expect an average of US$ 460.

Salcantay Trek
A longer, more spectacular hike, with a somewhat harder technique to Machu Picchu than the Inca Trail. The highest point is an action at more than 4,700 m near the superb Salcantay (6,271 m; “wild mountain” in Quechua), a frozen top. From there, an amazing descent an excessive subtropical valley. Permit 5 to 7 days to get to Machu Picchu; The typical cost is US$ 400.
Mountain Lodges of Peru (US$ 2,390-2,990/ pers) offers a luxury variation of this walking, with very certified overviews and holiday accommodation in comfy holiday accommodations with outside jacuzzi. Rates differ depending upon the period.

Inca Jungle Trail: the back entrance of Machu Picchu
Made by company as well as overviews, this 2- to 5-day multisport itinerary between Cusco as well as Machu Picchu travels through Santa Teresa and also supplies the possibility of strolling, biking and also rafting. The variety of days and also activities varies, but the base remains the exact same.
Gravity Peru (Santa Catalina Ancha 398, Cuzco) provides the best bikes. Other recognized distributors include Cusco Reserve (Plateros 326, Cuzco).


Antarctica tour - at the southern end of the earth crossing

Living the experience of the South Pole and exploring a world quite outside the reality of modern times, it doesn’t just happen to researchers and scientists. A trip to Antarctica is a moment of relaxation in its own right. This white desert has enough to offer you a unique stay dotted with warm cruises between the icebergs and glaciers of this magnificent landscape whose virginity will dazzle you with its uniqueness and its surprising beauty. On board the ships, you will make the most impressive discovery of your life. Ready for the boat? Book For An Antarctica Cruise The tourist season in Antarctica lasts only a few months. It is during the southern summer, which extends from November to March, that melting ice opens beautiful sailing routes to cruise ships destined for the southernmost continent on the planet. Antarctica can be started from New Zealand or Australia, but it is mainly from Latin America where most companies offer it their Cruise Programs in Antarctica. You will conquer intense sensations in the face of the spectacle of an immaculate world on the infinite horizon. Mountains of ice, colonies of sea lions, the collapse of icebergs, scientific bases … so many adventures that will make him a privileged person on earth.

Antarctic Shipping Cruise For Conceal Controls

Your journey to Antarctica traditionally begins in Ushuaia, the southern tip of Argentina. We offer cruises from this point, including our Ponant cruiser in Antarctica. The view of the boats leaving this beautiful bay is the first memorable image that awaits you. As soon as you move away from the Argentine Sea, the Drake Passage awaits. For 2 days, get your adrenaline pumping feeling the thrill of this famous navigation point with its 1000 km length. Then expect more options, for example, the Shetland Islands archipelago with its eight weather stations, its elephant seals and its volcanic slopes: this archipelago is animated by a large scientific community that has established its residence in the King George Island The bank, post office, school, shops and a small hotel serve as services for residents. Or you will go to Port Lockroy to enjoy beautiful views as you cross the pristine fjords …

Manchots, Photos And Albatros Will Be Your New Friends

A trip to Antarctica is also a date with exceptionally abundant aquatic wildlife. Whales, orcas, seals, sea lions, albatross, leopards and penguins accompany your cruise and welcome you at every stop. You can immortalize your journey by taking photos with these species who want to gain new knowledge. In addition to mammals, a good concentration of birds (terns, skuas, cormorants, etc.) will fascinate the objectives of their devices.

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