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A 26 km long and 9 km wide island located less than 150 km from the heart of Melbourne, Phillip Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state of Victoria. An island with two faces, Phillip receives every year millions of visitors, sportsmen or naturalists. Because if this true natural sanctuary with the ribs blessed with waves of surfers is inhabited by colonies of penguins, sea lions and koalas, it is also the site of a circuit of great price, annual theater of Spectacular motorcycle championships.

Philipp Island, a paradise for families and penguins.

Highly appreciated by Australian families and foreign tourists, Phillip Island is, above all, recognized for its natural qualities. Located just a few hundred meters from the mainland, the island that had previously been rejected by the first settlers has become a tourist resort where most of the houses are actually second homes for the pleasure of the holidays.

The island of Phillip, rural and domesticated by man, still preserves a scent of wild land thanks to its waves and ribs windswept, as well as to the abundance of its fauna.

Commonly called “Penguins “, Pygmy penguins are the largest stars of the local animal kingdom: Every night, these small waterfowl emerge from the sea under the cover of darkness to recover their terrestrial lairs. After a long day of fishing off the coast, between 300 and 800 penguins return to their homes for a walk, in a chorus of shrill chirps.

This exciting show has become so famous on Phillip island that it is known as the “Penguin Parade”, and in the summer, hundreds of visitors come to hurry in the stands to come and watch.

Seal Rock, the nursery of the sea lion

The penguins are not the only sea animals resting on the shores of Phillip: At the western end of the island, the sealed seal rocks of the establishment harbor a colony of sea lions (“seals ” in English). In the NINETEENTH century, sea lions were the cost of colonization: hunted by their fat and fur, they were pushed to the brink of extinction. Now protected by law, sea lions are thriving again and populations are gradually returning to their previous density.

Phillip Island

Today, nearly 6.000 babies of sea lions are born every year in Seal rocks. At the site, scientists continue to monitor the demographic evolution of local sea lions and carry out several projects to study their food and their movements, which will better establish which marine areas are best matched with their Needs.

Specialists also monitor all sea lions returning to the coast entangled in nets and other debris thrown into the water by unconscious fishermen: every year about 300 sea lions are affected. Scientists then intervene in the field to help them.

On land, it is the koalas that seize the list of animal stars: abound on the island, which is one of the few places where these marsupials are easily observed, climb trees and sometimes cross the roads.

A dedicated conservation center allows you to observe them closely in their natural environment, which they share with Wallabies, possums, echidnas and many birds.

Beyond its fauna, the surroundings of the island also presents the opportunity to make pleasant hikes, in particular on the side of Cabo Woolamai: This rocky promontory, residence of herds of puffins (seabirds), is the highest point of the island and offers Panoramic views of the surrounding coastline.

In the summer, lifeguards patrol the nearby beaches, Woolamai and Smiths Beach, which are subject to dangerous currents but whose waves are irresistible to surfers. To enjoy the oceans safely, just rely on the hands of the pros: surfing lessons, kayaking and small Ray-swimming sessions are part of the program’s activities organized here for all.

You may explore The Nobbies Phillip Island

It is a peaceful as well as charming town. I can just rest in here permanently to enjoy the sensational beach. There are additionally lots of resorts, dining establishments with good coffee shops on the island.

The Nobbies Phillip Island Tour
The Nobbies Phillip Island Tour

Explore Melbourne in 48 hours

Beside Phillip Island, don’t forget to spend your weekend in this coffee capital, culture rich loving, magnificent wildlife and sightseeing within 36 hours. Here are some options for you.

Pity Melbourne: After seven years of topping the Economist Intelligence Unit’s most livable city rankings, it was finally displaced last year by another coffee-loving city, Vienna. Despite being nudged down a notch to No. 2, Melburnians aren’t too worried. Though the city is currently grappling with issues related to being such a popular place to live — rapid growth, high property prices, congested roads — the city in the southeastern part of Australia continues to be the country’s capital for all things cultural. There are more festivals than can fit on a calendar; a thriving, boundary-pushing restaurant scene; and a commitment to the arts that will only deepen with the National Gallery of Victoria’s plans to build the largest contemporary art gallery in Australia by 2025. Melbourne may have lost its crown, but it still has its spacious Victorian-era parks, flat whites and famously sunny way of life.

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What's on Phillip Island

There’s always a thing to do going on in Phillip Island, whether Grand Prix, Island Whale to discovery your own nature and wildlife. Check for more:

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